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The Wave Synchronised Edge-Computer for Comprehensive Grid Monitoring

The VECTO 3 is engineered to redefine grid monitoring precision. It digitally captures broadband, GPS time-synchronized voltage and current waveforms across the grid. This advanced digitization is transformed into an array of data streams including RMS, Phasor, Synchrophasor, Harmonic Spectrum, PMU, and Grid Oscillation. Crucially, VECTO 3 maintains accurate phase relationships both within its localized parameters and across different devices network-wide. Its ability to work in perfect unison with other devices ensures near-infinite scalability, presenting an unparalleled solution for comprehensive and harmonised grid monitoring, analysis and management.

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GPS time synchronised to within 100ns

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Detailed record
of power
grid performance

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High resolution
data is rated and profiled on device


Real-time insight into grid performance

VECTO Grid OS is your window into the power grid. A user-friendly and intuitive interface that delivers information efficiently and flexibly – allowing the user to see the grid at a single node or across the entire enterprise simultaneously.

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Get real-time data for analysts on any smart device

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Update the fleet of devices remotely

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Instantly output reports, graphs, and other processed data

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The cost effective way to automate

VECTO devices supports various industry standard protocols like Modbus TCP/IP, DNP3, IEC61850, to support automation functionality. VECTO devices’ PMU and 10kHz Sampled Value protocols are fully compliant to the latest international standards. 


Integrate renewables

VECTO provides effortless grid compliance studies & continuous grid & plant equipment performance monitoring.

VECTO lets you collect EMT information to build & verify the accuracy of dynamic models.VECTO captures the diagnostic information required to reduce operational risk and to optimise plant performance. VECTO provides data to enforce contractual obligations between various suppliers.


Power solutions for
mining & industry

VECTO offers true multi-functionality and the flexibility to solve a wide range of problems through our user-friendly interface, or more complex problem through coding. The system is already integrated and all data is derived from top of class raw waveform data – all according to international norms and standards 



Simplify decision making for the power grid

Support decision making with remotely accessible, up-to-the second data, instant analytics across a range of parameters, and   accurate and convenient reporting.

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