Solving operational, compliance & diagnostic challenges in power systems

Using a live, waveform synchronised, broadband, power quality-based grid monitoring system.


VECTO System - Swiss Army Knife Blade with Grid Automation+, PMU+, Power Quality+, Grid Stability+, Metering+ callouts.

A comprehensive, power quality-based system for grid monitoring & management with benefits across multiple disciplines

Power Quality+

  • IEC61000-4-30 (Ed 3.0) Class-A certified
  • Higher harmonic bands (25kHz) & prevailing phasors
  • Large pre & post synchronised waveform buffer
  • Simultaneous multiple interval data streams
  • Advanced PQ event monitors
  • Automated event grouping & classification


  • IEEE C37.118 Protocol
  • Ultra-fast & accurate frequency estimation
  • Can estimate frequency from highly distorted or chopped waveforms
  • Online & offline phasor recording
  • Variable Sampling rate with max of 50/60Hz
  • PMU data accessible via Modbus

Grid Stability+

  • Precision oscillation phasor estimation
  • Simultaneous detection & estimation of up to 3 x individual oscillation phasors
  • 20ms update interval on mid & higher bands
  • IEEE C37-118 oscillation phasor streaming 3 x event monitors with pre- and post-event data
  • 1-sec interval oscillation phasor profiles
  • Waveform, RMS & fundamental phasor data


  • IEEE C37.118 (PMU), Modbus, DNP3 & IEC61850 protocols
  • Fast parameter update speed (once per cycle)
  • Built-in 4x high speed event inputs & outputs
  • Lua-based edge computing sandbox
  • Custom applications e.g.
  • Contingency FCAS, Fast FCAS & Very Fast FCAS


  • Four quadrant time-of-use tariffs
  • Combined billing
  • Separate import, export & nett powers
  • Separate import/export bills for prosumers
  • Combined with full array of PQ, PMU & Small Signal Stability data
  • Grid-wide time synchronised billing data

System Components


Multifunction, waveform synchronised measurement devices

A fleet of robust IEC61000-4-30-ED3.0 Class-A power quality-based edge-computing devices, controlled by VECTO Grid OS.


Big Data Hosting Platform

VECTO Grid OS is a cloud-based big data hosting, analysis, visualisation and reporting platform, supporting thousands of VECTO and third party instruments in near real time.

VECTO Grid OS on a laptop screen showing in a standard browser window
Very good service in terms of the fleet management and training, in particular the reporting and training of individual events. We appreciate the preventive alerts on the network when attention to events are needed. Please keep up the good work!
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Stellenbosch Municipality
Senior Project Manager

A Focus on Frequency Control

Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) are critical grid services brought about by AEMO to maintain network frequency within a specified range to ensure system stability and minimise the impact of renewables.

VECTO provides a module for contingency FCAS reporting that lets you fulfil compliance reporting with pinpoint levels of accuracy and with a minimum of effort.

Specialised Power Grid Applications

Power Quality+

IEC61000-4-30-Ed3.0 Class-A compliant Waveform synchronised Power Quality forms the foundation of the VECTO family of devices.


PMU+ works with VECTO’s power quality features, allowing users to record and stream synchrophasor data following the C37.118-2 (IEEE PMU protocol) standards. The PMU+ module achieves both Class-P and Class-M benchmarks simultaneously.

Grid Stability Monitoring

The VECTO devices’ onboard small signal stability algorithm accurately records and alarms sub-synchronous oscillation events.

Contingency FCAS Verification

VECTO offers a dedicated CSV output that can be directly imported into AEMO’s FCAS verification tool (FCASVT), making verification as simple as a few clicks.


VECTO Services

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