VECTO 3: Advanced Power Quality Monitoring with Waveform Synchronised PMU Technology

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The VECTO fleet, a family of waveform-synchronised power quality devices, offers comprehensive grid performance monitoring compliant with IEC61000-4-30 (Ed 3.0) Class-A standards. These devices facilitate in-depth power quality analysis, enable network-wide event grouping, and support recording and auditing of broadband and higher frequency harmonics, enhancing multifunctional grid management.

The power grid is changing at an unprecedented rate. VECTO meets the challenge, delivering rich real time data for automation. Want to know more? Drop us your details and we’ll be in touch:

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IEC61000-4-30 (Ed 3.0) Class-A certified

VECTO is certified to the highest industry standards for power quality monitoring, holding IEC61000-4-30 (Ed 3.0) Class-A certification for overall system performance, IEC61000-4-15 Class-F1 for precise flicker measurement, and IEC61000-4-7 Class-1 for accurate harmonic analysis.

Higher harmonic bands (25kHz) & prevailing phasors

VECTO excels in recording higher harmonic bands up to 25kHz while preserving all relevant phase information and providing prevailing phasors. Its synchronous data capture ability enables comprehensive grid-wide analysis, allowing for precise calculations of harmonic impedances from direct measurements.

Large pre & post synchronised waveform buffer

The VECTO System’s “Large pre & post synchronised waveform buffer” significantly enhances the ability to analyse power quality events by capturing extensive waveform and other RMS and phasor data before and after disturbances,  allowing detailed investigation into the origins and impacts of electrical issues. This large waveform synchronised buffer is available grid-wide during XrossTrigger® event recording. 

Simultaneous multiple interval data streams

The VECTO System uniquely supports simultaneous multiple interval data streams, aligning with the IEC61000-4-30 standard. This capability allows for concurrent capturing and analysis of data across different time intervals, enabling real-time monitoring and detailed trend analysis. This enhances the ability to respond to dynamic grid conditions efficiently and provides comprehensive insights into grid performance.

Advanced power quality (PQ) event monitors

The VECTO System features advanced PQ event monitors that provide precise detection and analysis of waveform synchronised disturbances. These monitors enable comprehensive monitoring and rapid diagnostics of power quality and other network related issues, facilitating quick responses and effective resolution to maintain grid stability and integrity.

Automated event grouping & classification

The VECTO System includes an automated event grouping and classification feature that intelligently categorises power quality events based on their characteristics. This automation enhances the efficiency of data analysis, improving situational awareness and faster identification of specific disturbances within the electrical grid. Additionally, it includes push notifications and web-based access to recorded event data, allowing for immediate alerts and remote analysis of grid events.

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Grid automation, plus so much more

CT LAB offers a range of Linux-based measurement devices that are permanently GPS or PTP synchronised to within <100ns from absolute time. Each of the Class-A wave synchronised devices offer high accuracy and high bandwidth analog inputs. The VECTO 3 also offers analog and digital IO functionality. The devices can operate stand-alone or are permanently connected to CT LAB’s VECTO Grid OS big data hosting, visualisation, analysis & reporting platform.


The VECTO System


Edge Computing Innovation

The VECTO 3 is a rugged, multifunction, wave-synchronised, Class-A power quality measurement device, now in its fourth generation. The device is permanently GPS or PTP time synchronised to within <100ns from absolute time, and offers high accuracy and high-bandwidth programmable gain analog inputs in a flexible arrangement.


Manage power grid performance as it happens.

VECTO’s synchro-waveform technology delivers an interactive experience that has to be seen to be appreciated. Designed by engineers for engineers, VECTO GridOS is flexible, user friendly and open source, precluding the need for expensive third party software. 

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