Vecto 3 device


VECTO’s Automation module utilises various SCADA protocols to deliver high precision real time data streams that include RMS & fundamental load profiles, power quality, harmonics, prevailing phasors, synchrophasors, sub-synchronous oscillation phasors and more to plant controllers, system integrators and substation automation experts.

The power grid is changing at an unprecedented rate. VECTO meets the challenge, delivering rich real time data for automation. Want to know more? Drop us your details and we’ll be in touch:

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Modbus, DNP3 & IEC61850 protocols

By default, VECTO’s automation capabilities enables Modbus, DNP3 and IEC61850 protocols, streamlining data exchange and control in industrial systems. Enhancing interoperability and efficiency, this unlocks seamless communication and intelligent decision-making at the network’s edge.

IEEE C37.118 (PMU)

VECTO streams synchrophasor data using the IEEE C37.118 (PMU) protocol. Uniquely, the synchrophasor accuracy meets both Class-P and Class-M requirements, eliminating the need to configure for Class-M’s accuracy and Class-P’s speed, delivering accurate data fast to plant controllers and other real-time control systems.

Fast parameter update speed (once per cycle)

Parameters are internally updated once per cycle, enabling real time integration with plant controllers, and other real-time control systems. This capability is often utilised in large scale BESS projects.

Built-in 4x high speed event inputs & outputs

VECTO’s includes four high speed digital inputs enabling the recording of high resolution data (including pre- and post-  synchronised waveform data), when triggered by external events. The four high speed relay outputs can be actuated during the recording of network events.

Lua-based edge computing sandbox

VECTO’s Lua-based edge computing sandbox provides a secure environment for executing Lua scripts at the edge of the power grid. It enables rapid development and deployment of custom automation logic, enhancing flexibility, scalability, and real-time decision-making capabilities within the grid infrastructure.

Measurement Compliance

Protocol Compliance

Accuracy Class
Class-P&M Simultaneously

Frequency Accuracy

Voltage & Current Accuracy

Power Accuracy

SCADA Protocol

SCADA Update Speed


Grid automation, plus so much more

CT LAB offers a family of Linux-based VECTO measurement devices that are permanently GPS or PTP synchronised to within <100ns from absolute time. Each of the Class-A wave synchronised devices offer high accuracy and high bandwidth analog inputs. The devices can operate stand-alone or are permanently connected to CT LAB’s VECTO Grid OS big data hosting, visualisation, analysis & reporting platform.


The VECTO System


Edge Computing Innovation

The VECTO 3 is a rugged, multifunction, wave-synchronised, Class-A power quality measurement device, now in its fourth generation. The device is permanently GPS or PTP time synchronised to within <100ns from absolute time, and offers high accuracy and high-bandwidth programmable gain analog inputs in a flexible arrangement.


Manage power grid performance as it happens.

VECTO’s synchro-waveform technology delivers an interactive experience that has to be seen to be appreciated. Designed by engineers for engineers, VECTO GridOS is flexible, user friendly and open source, precluding the need for expensive third party software. 

VECTO Grid OS on a laptop screen showing in a standard browser window