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Five monitoring & control solutions in one

  • Lightweight, compact and easy to install
  • Scalable to any network size
  • Compatible with existing infrastructure
  •  Single, centralised dataset of grid performance
  • IEEE C37.118 Protocol
  • Ultra-fast & accurate frequency estimation
  • Can estimate frequency from highly distorted or chopped waveforms
  • Online & offline phasor recording
  • Variable sampling rate with max of 50/60Hz
  • PMU data accessible via Modbus 
  • IEC61000-4-30 (Ed 3.0) Class-A certified
  • Higher harmonic bands (25kHz) & prevailing phasors
  • Large pre- & post- synchrowave buffer
  • Simultaneous multiple interval data streams
  • Advanced PQ event monitors
  • Automated event grouping & classification
  • IEEE C37.118 (PMU), Modbus, DNP3 & EN50160 protocols
  • Fast parameter update speed (once per cycle)
  • Built-in 4x high speed event inputs & outputs
  • Lua-based edge computing sandbox
  • Custom applications e.g. Contingency FCAS,
  • Fast FCAS & Very Fast FCAS
  • Four quadrant time-of-use tariff
  • Combined billing
  • Separate import, export & nett powers
  • Separate import/export bills for prosumers
  • Combined with full array of PQ, PMU & Small
  • Signal stability data
  • Grid-wide time synchronised billing data
  • GPS synchronised 1Hz & 0.1Hz resolution oscillation spectra, containing both amplitude and phase angle information
  • 10-min Interval profiles containing the amplitude and frequency of the highest oscillation detected
  • Stability event monitors with very long pre- & post- synchrowave capturing

Data visualisation without equal

VECTO Grid OS is the interface, offering an easy to use, flexible platform for data analysis and real time grid management.  

Distributed processing power for edge computing at the point of measurement

The VECTO 3 is CT LAB’s flagship device, a Class-A edge computer that is installed at nodes throughout the grid, delivering harmonised data analysis of over 9,000 electrical parameters.  

Get a guided tour of the VECTO system

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