Benefits of the VECTO system

Precision monitoring, advanced automation and seamless security for future-ready utilities

Introduce a new era into your grid monitoring and management

In the contemporary grid monitoring environment, the need for reliability, efficiency, and sustainability is paramount. VECTO is at the forefront, harnessing the power of edge computing, big data management, and waveform synchronicity to offer utilities an unparalleled perspective of their power grids. 

Five Class-A systems in a single grid monitoring & management solution  


The Phasor Measurement Unit capability in VECTO is indispensable for grid synchronisation. It captures precise data on voltage and current waveforms time synchronised 100ns intervals, helping utilities understand the state of the grid with exceptional accuracy in real time, facilitating renewable integration and enhancing grid stability.

  • IEEE C37.118 Protocol
  • Ultra-fast & accurate frequency estimation
  • Can estimate frequency from highly distorted or chopped waveforms
  • Online & offline phasor recording
  • Variable sampling rate with max of 50/60Hz
  • PMU data accessible via Modbus


In an era where sensitive electronic devices demand clean, stable power, VECTO detects voltage sags, surges, harmonics and network anomalies, ensuring that utilities can maintain high standards of power quality.

  • IEC61000-4-30 (Ed 3.0) Class-A certified
  • Higher harmonic bands (25kHz) prevailing phasors
  • Large pre- & post- synchrowave buffer
  • Simultaneous multiple interval data streams
  • Advanced PQ event monitors
  • Automated event grouping & classification


By effortlessly connecting devices and systems, VECTO empowers streamlined communication, data exchange and control across diverse  platforms, enhancing efficiency and reducing human intervention. By bringing your analog systems online and integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure, VECTO ensures reliable, real-time data access and management, driving the automation  of your power grid forward.

  • IEEE C37.118 (PMU), Modbus, DNP3 & EN50160 protocols
  • Fast parameter update speed (once per cycle)
  • Built-in 4x high speed event inputs & outputs
  • Lua-based edge computing sandbox
  • Custom applications e.g. Contingency FCAS,
    Fast FCAS & Very Fast FCAS


VECTO provides accurate data on energy consumption in tandem with all power performance data, offering a valuable source of validation to your existing billing system. It enables the generation of precise bills and tariffs, ensuring fairness for consumers and easy access to accurate data for legal and insurance issues.

  • Four quadrant time-of-use tariff
  • Combined billing
  • Separate import, export & nett powers
  • Separate import/export bills for prosumers
  • Combined with full array of PQ, PMU & Small
  • Signal stability data
  • Grid-wide time synchronised billing data


VECTO’s analyses electricity at the source, processing small signal analyser oscillations and disturbances at the point of measurement that could escalate into major issues. By catching these small signals early, utilities can take proactive measures like localised grid shut-downs to prevent instability from spreading, reducing the risk of outages and improving system resilience.

  • GPS synchronised 1Hz & 0.1Hz resolution oscillation spectra, containing both amplitude and phase angle information
  • 10-min Interval profiles containing the amplitude and frequency of the highest oscillation detected
  • Stability event monitors with very long pre- & post- synchrowave capturing

Near infinite network scalability

The integration of these five functions into a single, cost-effective system is a game-changer. The design of the VECTO platform allows for hundreds of thousands of simultaneously installed devices on a single network, allowing engineers to focus in on a single point of measurement, or to monitor areas, disparate points on the network or the entire enterprise  as a whole. 

Cassandra: the benefit of open source

The VECTO database is built on Cassandra, an open source database trusted by thousands of companies for scalability and high availability without compromising performance, including Apple, Uber, Facebook and.
Cassandra’s high throughput is not hindered by the size of the data. Its ability to write quickly make it the perfect platform for mission-critical data. Cassandra ensures that your Capex doesn’t increase with the scale of your data collection, and there is no need for costly third party licenses in order to manage your grid data.

Unlock True AI & Machine Learning Functionality

The VECTO system is machine learning and AI ready, because the database is built on rated (rather than raw) data, allowing for immediate integration into a pattern recognition system. control mechanisms can be built in immediately, allowing for detection of patterns that indicate faults like fire, power surges, brown outs and more.

AI algorithms can analyse real-time data to predict equipment failures, enabling proactive maintenance. With infinite scalability, VECTO can process vast datasets to identify subtle anomalies and optimise maintenance schedules, reducing downtime and costs.
Machine learning models can optimize grid operations, ensuring efficient energy distribution, load balancing, and integration of renewable sources. VECTO’s real-time data allows for dynamic adjustments, enhancing grid stability and sustainability.
AI can rapidly detect and isolate faults or cybersecurity threats within the grid. Scalability enables handling massive data streams for continuous monitoring and rapid response, safeguarding grid reliability.
AI-driven simulations can assess grid resilience under various scenarios. VECTO’s scalability allows for complex simulations, aiding in disaster preparedness and response.
Machine learning can assist in optimal grid expansion planning by analyzing historical and real-time data. Scalability ensures accurate modeling for long-term infrastructure decisions.
Machine learning models can leverage real-time data to forecast energy demand and supply fluctuations accurately. Infinite scalability ensures accurate predictions even for large and complex grids.

Towards a more sustainable power grid

VECTO’s predictive capability minimises downtime, enhances overall reliability, and reduces operational costs.

In an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, VECTO optimises energy distribution, reduces waste, and provides a path to curtailing greenhouse gas emissions.

By leveraging big data analytics, VECTO facilitates efficient load balancing and facilitates the seamless integration of renewable energy sources, ultimately driving the transition towards a greener and more resilient energy infrastructure. 



A multifunction system delivering benefits across the organisation

In the evolving landscape of utility management, organisations have to break down the silos between disciplines to achieve greater collaboration and shared insight. Enter VECTO, a groundbreaking system that redefines the capabilities of grid monitoring and management. VECTO combines five systems in one cost-effective powerhouse.

Transformative insight
at a low cost of ownership

With the global shift towards renewable energy sources, utilities face the daunting challenge of integrating new technologies while ensuring grid stability. VECTO addresses this challenge by providing real-time, granular insights into the grid’s health and performance, enabling utilities to proactively detect and mitigate potential issues. This predictive capability minimises downtime, enhances overall reliability, and reduces operational costs.

Manage the entire fleet from a single device

VECTO’s fleet management module allows engineers to manage the entire fleet of VECTO 3 edge computers from wherever they are, updating firmware, installing updates and adjusting functionality without the time and expense of attending to each device in person. 

Instant alarm notifications the moment network events occur

VECTO’s real-time alarm notifications are a game-changer for power grid operators. When accidents happen, VECTO instantly alerts operators, enabling swift responses to outages or disturbances, and can be configured to automatically cut off local sectors if a powerline goes down. This real-time insight enhances grid reliability and minimises downtime, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for consumers.

Enhanced Security

Combine network events into larger-scale incidents

VECTO’s intuitive system of event management allows engineers to easily annotate, add images and files to, and group network events into larger-scale incidents, enriching the processes of network health and building more robust systems of grid resilience. 

Create intuitive measurement campaigns to test your hypotheses

VECTO gathers extensive data on grid performance across more than 9,000 electrical parameters in real time. VECTO Grid OS, the user-friendly interface, provides extensive configurable flexibility, allowing users to generate measurement campaigns focused on any number of points of measurement across the grid. 

Harness in-depth insight into grid performance for enhanced decision-making and control for your grid management team. Book a demo with our engineers today: 

Classify data instantly and automatically

VECTO’s automated data classification streamlines the handling of massive grid data volumes. Through AI-driven techniques, it categorises and tags incoming data, making it easily accessible and interpretable. This automation accelerates decision-making processes, allowing grid managers to quickly extract valuable insights and respond to grid events with precision and efficiency

Ease the burden of regulatory compliance with automated reporting 

VECTO alleviates the burden on engineers by automating report generation for regulatory compliance. With some simple configuration, the system compiles comprehensive reports from real-time data, eliminating the time-consuming task of gathering it manually.
Engineers can focus on critical grid management tasks, confident that VECTO’s automated reporting is handling grid compliance in its stride.

Take the first step to real time visibility

 In essence, investing in VECTO is a imperative for utilities and grid managers looking to stay competitive, adapt to evolving energy demands, and provide their customers with the reliability and sustainability they demand