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VECTO System - your eyes on the electrical grid

Overcoming the limitations of Power Quality Field Investigation with VECTO System

Introducing VECTO System, the revolutionary Class-A multifunction edge computer that lets you see and manage the grid remotely. Power transformers require consistent testing and maintenance to assess their condition and to uncover the issues that threaten the network. Maintenance engineers are a critical link in building power grid resilience and stability. A range of tools and technologies exist to assist engineers in their quest, with most investigations requiring a combination of devices to test the different parameters.

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Electrical power sub-station in Boksburg, South Africa explodes

Boksburg Substation Explosion

At 8:15am on 9 December 2017 the Gauteng suburb of Boksburg was rocked by a double explosion that shattered windows half a kilometer away. Almost immediately a column of black smoke rose into the sky and a rolling blackout left 25,000 households without power.

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Average total annual electric power interruption duration and frequency per customer, by U.S. state (2020). Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Annual Electric Power Industry Report

How Much Do Power Quality Disruptions Cost US Industry?

The importance of reliable, high-quality electrical power continues to grow as society becomes ever more reliant on digital circuitry for everything from e-commerce to industrial process controllers to the onboard circuitry in toasters and televisions.

With this shift to a digital society, business activities have become increasingly sensitive to disturbances in the power supply. Such disturbances not only include power outages (the complete absence of voltage, whether for a fraction of a second or several hours), but also power quality phenomena (all other deviations from perfect power, including voltage sags, surges, transients, and harmonics).

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