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Five monitoring & control solutions in one

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VECTO is a Class-A power quality analyser capable of monitoring over 9,000 parameters in real time.

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VECTO delivers pinpoint accuracy and real-time monitoring, ensuring engineers make informed decisions. 

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VECTO’s is machine learning and AI ready to deliver a smarter, more efficient power grid.

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VECTO has a simple to use tariff and billing system that merges consumption and power quality 

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VECTO’s streams synchronised waveform data time stamped at ~100ns intervals. 


A synchronised view of the grid for a low total cost of ownership

The transformation of the power grid demands an evolution in monitoring & management.

By placing processing power at the point of measurement, VECTO makes grid-wide, synchronised comparisons possible, allowing engineers to focus on a specific point on the grid or many points at once. Instant notifications are sent the instant an event occurs, with high resolution recording and automated grouping and matching for post analysis.

VECTO provides the functionality of five systems in one for a cost effective, scalable and flexible solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing hardware.

Through advances in edge computing, big data analysis & data visualisation, VECTO delivers a comprehensive view across more than 9,000 simultaneous parameters.

Power Analyser  |  Power Quality Analyser  |  Micro Synchrophasor Analyser  |  Digital Fault Recorder  |  PMU  |  Modbus, DNP3, IEC61850 protocols

VECTO 3 is a state-of-the-art multifunction grid-monitoring and control system that delivers one of the most comprehensive GPS time-synchronised data streams available in industry today.

Features and benefits

Multifunction measurement & control platform

VECTO 3 - Multi-function PQ+ PMU+ Monitoring Power Quality monitoring edge-computer.

Vecto Grid OS SaaS app for monitoring, managing and troubleshooting the electrical power grid.

You’re in full control with VECTO Grid OS

VECTO 3 streams data to the system’s monitoring & control platform, VECTO Grid OS, available on all smart devices.

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GPS time synchronised to within 100ns

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Detailed record
of power
grid performance

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High resolution
data is rated and profiled on device

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