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Vecto Grid OS Computer


Twelve reasons VECTO Grid OS is the perfect fit for your grid monitoring needs

VECTO Grid OS translates more than 9,000 electrical parameters into information that facilitates quick, data-driven decisions.

System users receive information from the grid in real time, providing clear direction for immediate action.

The system is platform agnostic, making it accessible on any smart device in a user-friendly format.

The system supports data collected using third party recording devices.

The time required to analyse complex interactions between various electrical parameters is significantly reduced.

Visualisation provides unprecedented insight into the steady-state and dynamic behaviour of the network.

The automated matching, visualisation & annotation of simultaneously recorded events reduces the time required to analyse & report on system faults.

Rich real-time data feedback assists installers to correctly match voltage & current channels at every installation.

Measurement campaigns & firmware updates are centralised guaranteeing collection of rich, enterprise wide, homogeneous & time-sychronised datasets.

The fleet management module improves operator productivity by reducing the time required to keep the fleet functional.

Record micro-synchro-phasor data offline throughout the network.

Enjoy market-leading accuracy, adaptability & security at low cost.

Billing functionality for prosumers allows for separate export and import time-of-use tariff structures.

Vecto Grid OS Computer

Grid Monitoring

  • Alarms & notifications
  • Trigger full resolution recordings, across multiple devices, when network events occur
  • Event geo- and single-line mapping
  • Enterprise-wide measurement campaigns
  • Matching of simultaneously recorded events
  • System-wide Snapshot® event recording
  • Harmonic visualisation
  • Incident annotation & tagging

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Billings & Tariffs

  • Time-of-use tariffs
  • Separate tariff for import & export
  • Combined billing

Grid Compliance

  • Data classification according to international norms
  • Import, export & net powers
  • Automated reporting with email scheduler

Big Data Management

  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Support for 3rd party data


  • Fleetwide firmware update
  • Clipboard supports vector graphics
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