Complying with AEMO's FCAS verification requirements the easy way.

VECTO is a scalable, easy-to-implement solution for complying to AEMO’s contingency FCAS verification requirements, with powerful grid stability and power quality functionality that comes standard.

Vecto Grid OS SaaS app for monitoring, managing and troubleshooting the electrical power grid.

Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) MASS FCAS verification tool

Contingency FCAS Metering

Automated FCASVT compliant reporting in just a few clicks

The VECTO Grid OS cloud-based platform automates AEMO FCAS verification and reporting requirements. The platform offers a dedicated CSV output that can be directly imported into AEMO’s FCAS verification tool (FCASVT).

The VECTO 3 exceeds the measurement requirements of the Market Ancillary Services Specification MASS v8.1 with a sample rate of 20 ms for local frequency, generation and load amount measurements.

VECTO - FCAS Monitoring FCASVT CSV Export

VECTO 3: The ideal meter for Very Fast FCAS verification

The application automatically covers AEMO’s Very Fast (VF FCAS), Fast, Slow, and Delayed FCAS requirements, while also providing users with graphical analysis of frequency events and their recovery. These enhancements provide a robust and efficient solution for monitoring and verifying contingency FCAS performance in the Australian electricity grid. 

As the energy transition continues, the importance of reliable and effective FCAS services will only increase, and VECTO will play an essential role in meeting these challenges.

VECTO - FCAS Monitoring - Frequency Events
A Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) campaign is available to report on a generators frequency response. This campaign will schedule automatic downloads of synchrophasor data for FCAS events across all (geo-distant) measurement points selected for this campaign. A digital input can also be assigned to trigger a FCAS event for control systems.
VECTO - FCAS Campaign setup allowing automated scheduling of FCAS FCASVT CSV reporting file downloads.
Set-up on the VECTO Grid OS system is as simple as activating the FCAS reporting feature found under Campaign Tools.
VECTO - FCAS Campaign configuration options allowing for frequency upper and lower thresholds, Hysteresis and Hold-off. Settings also allow pre- and post- duration parameters on any FCAS events. XTrigger(R) configuration allows a local FCAS event to trigger event snapshots on other geo-distant VECTO 3 meters for comprehensive multipoint event data analysis.
A range of settings can be adjusted according to specific requirements.
Measurement Uncertainty Resolution Sampling Rate
Measurement Range of Power Flow Measurements ±0.2% ±0.02% 20 ms
Local Frequency Measurement Range ±0.0001Hz ±0.000025Hz 20 ms

Download the FCAS Application Brochure

CTA Download FCAS Monitoring Brochure

The VECTO System


Multifunction, waveform synchronised, broadband power quality measurement device

The VECTO 3 is a rugged, multifunction, wave-synchronised, Class-A power quality measurement device, now in its fourth generation. The device is permanently GPS or PTP time synchronised to within <100ns from absolute time, and offers high accuracy and high-bandwidth programmable gain analog inputs in a flexible arrangement.


Manage power grid performance as it happens.

VECTO’s synchro-waveform technology delivers an interactive experience that has to be seen to be appreciated. Designed by engineers for engineers, VECTO GridOS is flexible, user friendly and open source, precluding the need for expensive third party software. 

VECTO Grid OS on a laptop screen showing in a standard browser window