Vecto 3 device

The Grid-Monitoring Edge Computer

Power Analyser  |  Power Quality Analyser  |  Micro Synchrophasor Analyser  |  Digital Fault Recorder  |  PMU  |  Modbus, DNP3, IEC61850 protocols

VECTO 3 is a state-of-the-art multifunction grid-monitoring and control system that delivers one of the most comprehensive GPS time-synchronised data streams available in industry today.

Features and benefits

  • Broadband multifunction device—DC-50kHz
  • Built-in interactive web interface to assist installers during installation.
  • Linux-based platform with adaptable functionality: can grow with your needs
  • Operate autonomous or as part of swarm—under control of VECTO Grid OS
  • Permanent time & phase synchronised—within 100ns from absolute time
  • IP-based communication with 2 x gigabit Ethernet, built-in 4G cellular modem & WiFi
  • Encrypted communication & strong built-in cyber security
  • Supports various industry protocols enabling integration with 3rd party systems
  • Universal AC/DC PSU with built-in battery & support for power over Ethernet

Multifunction measurement & control platform

  • PQI device—ED3.0 Class-A
  • Revenue metering device—Class 0.2S
  • PMU device—Class M & P
  • Merging unit (10kHz streaming)
  • Higher harmonics recorder (up to 25kHz)
  • Small signal event & trend recorder
  • SCADA transducer

You’re in full control with VECTO Grid OS

VECTO 3 streams data to the system’s monitoring & control platform, VECTO Grid OS, available on all smart devices.

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GPS time synchronised to within 100ns

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Detailed record
of power
grid performance

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High resolution
data is rated and profiled on device

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