Vecto 3 device


PMU+ is a sophisticated software module specifically created to work alongside the power quality features present in all VECTO 3 devices.

Stable under highly distorted waveforms

When studying the performance of inverter-based power plants, it’s common to encounter voltage and current waveforms that are either chopped or heavily distorted.The PMU+ algorithm used can accurately determine the fundamental frequency phasor set despite all these distortions.

Very high time resolution

The absolute time synchronisation on the VECTO 3 devices is <100ns. This translates to 4-digit frequency measurement resolution (±0.000,250Hz for 50Hz) and an industry-leading ±0.0018-degree phasor angle resolution.


Simultaneous Class-M & Class-P compliance

Most PMU devices need to be configured in either Class-P or Class-M mode. The PMU+ algorithm simultaneously meets both Class-P and Class-M requirements, eliminating the need to configure for Class-M’s accuracy and Class-P’s speed. This is particularly useful when analysing grid stability events that contain very small amplitude information at higher frequencies (~20Hz), where both speed and accuracy are required.

Offline synchrophasor recording

Synchrophasor data is recorded offline and is available for download as part of the existing data streams – without the use of the C37.118.2 streaming protocol. This means that synchrophasor data can be collected throughout the network –  without having to rely on expensive broadband communication infrastructure required by the C37.118.2 protocol.

Adds PMU data to current set of diagnostic information

The PMU+ module allows synchrophasor data to be combined with power quality event data, providing an additional data stream with powerful diagnostic capabilities.

The suite of diagnostic data now contains the following:

– Waveforms
– RMS & phasor data and powers
– Voltage & current synchrophasors

C37.118.2 Streaming

Synchrophasor streaming protocol enables device integration into existing wide area monitoring (WAM) networks.

The PMU+ module retains a long pre-event buffer, which enables detailed analysis of the build-up to & the impact of complex PQ events. Users can specify the duration of long pre- and post-event synchrophasor data recording, spanning tens of minutes, as part of the PMU+ module set-up process.

Available on Modbus Protocol

Synchrophasor data is accessible via the Modbus protocol interface. This simplifies the integration of the devices as part of plant control strategies.

20ms Modbus Update Rate

The update rate of synchrophasor data via Modbus is once per cycle. This high update rate is required by most plant controllers.

Technical Specifications

Measurement Compliance

Protocol Compliance

Accuracy Class

Frequency Accuracy



Class-P&M Simultaneously


Voltage & Current Accuracy

Power Accuracy

SCADA Protocol

SCADA Update Speed






Download the PMU+ Application Brochure

CTA Download PMU+ Brochure

The VECTO System


Multifunction, waveform synchronised, broadband power quality measurement device

The VECTO 3 is a rugged, multifunction, wave-synchronised, Class-A power quality measurement device, now in its fourth generation. The device is permanently GPS or PTP time synchronised to within <100ns from absolute time, and offers high accuracy and high-bandwidth programmable gain analog inputs in a flexible arrangement.


Manage power grid performance as it happens.

VECTO’s synchro-waveform technology delivers an interactive experience that has to be seen to be appreciated. Designed by engineers for engineers, VECTO GridOS is flexible, user friendly and open source, precluding the need for expensive third party software. 

VECTO Grid OS on a laptop screen showing in a standard browser window