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Screeenshot of VECTO Grid OS displaying Grid Oscillation monitoring and Small Signal Analysis

Leading the way in grid oscillation monitoring

Sub-synchronous Resonance (SSR) occurs when an electrical network exchanges energy with a source at a frequency lower than the system’s synchronous frequency. This energy exchange induces torsional stress on generator shafts¹, posing a risk of damage or fracture. Traditional power grids are designed to mitigate disturbances, however the increasing integration of renewables and electronic equipment has intensified and complicated oscillations.


CT LAB has developed a small signal stability algorithm to address grid oscillation that detects and calculates the frequency, amplitude and phase angle of a dominant oscillation phasor within a specified frequency range. VECTO’s small signal stability algorithm concurrently identifies three ranges of dominant oscillation phasors between 0.1Hz to 43Hz., representing low, medium and high frequency ranges.

VECTO 3: Advanced Power Quality Monitoring Edge-computers with Waveform Synchronised PMU Technology

Edge computing for effective grid management

CT LAB’s VECTO 3 is a Class A edge computer that distributes processing power grid wide. By focusing analytics at the point of measurement and connecting the fleet of devices through GPS and broadband connectivity, VECTO delivers an unprecedented view of power performance.

VECTO Grid OS on a laptop screen showing in a standard browser window

Bespoke data visualisation designed for engineers

To complete the picture, VECTO pairs the fleet of edge computers with data visualisation built by engineers for engineers. VECTO Grid OS provides real time data on any point or number of points across the network, brought to life through a visual user experience.