Power Quality Plus

Accurate real-time data through the power of edge computing
VECTO is a system that stands apart in the world of power monitoring. It works by installing processing power at each node of the grid. The VECTO 3 is a powerful edge computer that simplifies how power data is assimilated and streamed. By analysing the data at the point of measurement and then uploading it to a centralised data store, VECTO allows for real time monitoring and analysis of over 9,000 electrical parameters.

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VECTO as a primary billing device

With a new age in the power grid comes new demands from your customers about the quality, consistency and consumption of the electricity you provide. VECTO is a state-of-the-art billing system that delivers accurate information on the quantity of power used AND the quality of the power delivered. Combined, this data opens the door to new ways of structuring tariffs, new levels of customer assurance and a record of delivery that can be verified.

Vecto Grid OS SaaS app for monitoring, managing and troubleshooting the electrical power grid.
Using VECTO as a source of confirmation

For many of VECTO’s power grid clients, VECTO was installed for power quality or network resilience purposes, but has become a reliable source of verification for the billing and tariffs department. VECTOs comprehensive record of power grid performance pairs consumption data with quality metrics, which can be useful in legal disputes or insurance claims.  

Tracking renewable generation on the distributed power grid

Wind and solar have changed the power grid for good. New regulations and initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions have created a major challenge for utilities, particularly with monitoring the impact and contribution of small scale generators. VECTO can be programmed to monitor how much inputs these generators make, and can alert managers the moment these renewables create network events.  

Create detailed consumption reports at the click of a button

VECTO offers the flexibility of collating and organising information according to the end-user’s requirements. Easy to set-up and operate, VECTO Grid OS (the bespoke data visualisation platform) lets allows the user to output their selected data points on command and with minimal effort.  

Keen to explore the possibilities?

VECTO is a one-of-a-kind system capable of solving an array of monitoring and control issues. If you’ve got a power grid problem you’d like to discuss, get in touch at the link below.  

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