VECTO Grid OS Updates March 2023

The newest software upgrades for the VECTO Grid OS – our comprehensive platform for advanced grid monitoring and control – are now available. Our most recent upgrade includes a slew of new features to help you better manage your grid infrastructure.

You can now visualise your grid’s performance in real-time using our event graphing toolbox, allowing you to swiftly spot problems and take corrective action. The toolkit is intended to give you a thorough picture of your grid’s performance, allowing you to make educated decisions.

We’ve also included Synchrophasor Diagnostics functionality, which allows you to evaluate the functioning of your grid using very accurate (time-stamped at ~100 ns accuracy from GPS time) synchronised data. This function is intended to assist you in swiftly detecting and diagnosing faults, allowing you to reduce downtime and increase overall grid reliability.

We’ve also added monitoring device Installation Photos and Notes in the newest release. This new feature allows the recording of comprehensive installation information of measurement and control devices.

VECTO is dedicated to providing you with the most helpful and effective solutions for managing your grid infrastructure. You can take your grid management to the next level with our latest software updates, assuring optimal dependability and uptime for your operations.

Graphing Toolbox

A toolbox was added for trend and event graphing to perform predefined computation on queried data. The graphing toolbox can be accessed from the trend and event line graph widgets by clicking the Toolbox button. 

Requests for extra functionality to be added to the toolbox can be filed using the Request Feature button in the About dialog accessible by clicking on the user profile icon (left icon on the main menu).

VECTO Grid OS - Graphing toolkit

Support for Synchrophasor Diagnostics

VECTO 3 firmware V9.0 and later support monitor triggered recording of synchrophasor data with 1 cycle resolution with up to 10 minutes pre event and unlimited post event storage. Combining this functionality with 1/6 cycle RMS data and waveform data provides comprehensive diagnostic data for event analysis while significantly reducing data costs during periods where there are no events.

NB: Advanced settings must be enabled to set or see this option.

VECTO Grid OS - Synchrophasor Diagnostics

Installation Photos and Notes

It is now possible to add photos (smaller than 5MB) to a meter point. The intention is to document an installation. A field linked to a measurement point (and not a specific configuration) was added to provide written notes regarding an installation.

VECTO Grid OS - Installation photos notes

Overide Download Rate

It is now possible to override the download rate for individual instruments as well as for an account. This can be used to fine-tune communication over very slow or very fast links.

VECTO Grid OS - Override download rate

Credit Weekly Allowances

Download credits for streams such at synchrophasors or 200ms data will now be allocated in weekly allowances. This prevents a scenario whereby all credits accidentally gets used up by a targeted download. The weekly allowance can be set by account administrators in Admin:Account (setup) under the Download Credits tab.

Notable Improvements

  • Fixed: Site Assessment Report Fail when no seven day flicker data available.
  • Fixed: Continuous download sometimes reverts to instruments download config when overridden.
  • Misc: Added reason why instrument health is indicated as a problem on the instrument repairs (last health status) page.
  • Fixed: Telemetry not downloaded when overriding PQ data download sizes.

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VECTO Grid OS - Graphing toolkit

VECTO Grid OS Updates March 2023

The newest software upgrades for the VECTO Grid OS – our comprehensive platform for advanced grid monitoring and control – are now available. Our most