VECTO Grid OS adds the Grid Stability Viewer

Grid Stability Viewer

This new viewer allows the user to do analysis on grid stability. Synchropahsor data can be easily analysed in conjunction with frequency events. 


Why is it necessary to analyse Synchrophasor data alongside frequency events?

Stability in the electrical grid is important if people want a reliable and efficient supply of electricity. Grid stability analysis is one of the most important tools that power system operators use to find potential stability problems and fix them. Grid stability analysis can show changes in frequency, voltage, and power flow by combining synchrophasor data with frequency events captured using power system monitoring.

Synchrophasor technology lets electrical quantities across the power grid be measured quickly and in sync with time. This gives a lot of data that can be used to monitor and analyze grid stability. Grid stability analysis can find potential problems by combining this data with frequency events. This lets power system operators act quickly to stop grid instability and possible power outages.

The Australian National Electricity Market needs to be able to export grid stability analysis data as Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) in order to keep the grid stable (NEM). This information is used to help keep the frequency of the electricity grid within a tight range around 50Hz, which is what is needed for a reliable power system. FCAS service providers put in bids on the market to offer these services, and the lowest-cost bidders are chosen to do the work. Australia’s growing number of renewable energy sources has led to a rise in demand for FCAS. This has given providers new chances to get into the market and grow their business.

Overall, grid stability analysis that combines synchrophasor data with frequency events is a powerful tool for keeping electrical power grids stable. The ability to export this data as FCAS is not only important for the electricity grid, but it could also be a way for providers to make money if they can do it n a compliant and efficient manner.

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