VECTO Grid OS – Statistical Box Plots added to the Trend Viewer

Statistical Box Plots

A new statistical box plot capability has been added to the trend viewer.
The width of the boxes can be set under the trend viewer parameter selector.

Each box has the following attributes:

  • Min: Minimal value present the specific box range
  • Q1: The median of the lower half of the dataset for the box range
  • Median: The centre value in the dataset for the box range
  • Q3: The median of the upper half of the dataset for the box range
  • Max: Maximum value present the specific box range

How are statistical box plots used in electrical power grid analysis and monitoring?

Statistical box plots, which are also called “box-and-whisker plots,” are a common way to show how a set of data is spread out. In the case of electrical power grids, box plots can be used to look at data on trends and find patterns and outliers that could be signs of problems in the system.

A box plot shows how a set of data is spread out using five summary statistics: the median, the lower quartile (25th percentile), the upper quartile (75th percentile), and the minimum and maximum values. Inside the box, the median is shown as a horizontal line. The box itself shows the middle 50% of the data. The whiskers go from the box to the lowest and highest values in a certain range, which is usually 1.5 times the interquartile range.

In the case of electrical power grids, box plots can be used to look at data trends over time and find changes in how voltage, frequency, and power are distributed. By comparing box plots from different time periods, you can find trends and patterns that could point to problems like equipment failures, changes in load demand, or changes in how generators work.

Overall, statistical box plots are a powerful tool for analyzing trend data in electrical power grids. They show how the data is spread out in a clear and easy-to-understand way and point out potential problems that need more research.

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